Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Area Overview

Parkhurst is one of Joburg's most popular high streets, attracting many visitors both local and international. Its no wonder Parkhurst's 4th Avenue has become so popular with the wide array of world-class restaurants and many shops to peruse as you meander down the strip after a lazy afternoon lunch. In addition to the restaurants and boutique shops, the streets are clean and safe and you won't be surprised to see many mums and babies in their strollers grabbing a cuppa' before they take set out for their morning walks. There is a high in-flux of people on the weekends however there is also a fair amount of foot traffic during the day which helps sustain the numerous businesses along the strip. An absolute must to visit if you're looking for a dining experience that doesn't include sitting in a food court or a mall.


The People

“I’m lucky to get a lot of inspiration from the community I live in.” Elouise, Graphic Designer

"I love nothing more than to spend the day working from my local café" Nadia, Architect

“Melville’s creativity and charm are second to none.” Adam, Fashion Designer

It was founded in 1904 by the African Realty Trust who developed a small farm into 2200 stands. About a third of the suburb was developed by the 1930s and it was completely developed after World War II . The gentrification or Chelseafication process started in the 1960s when the older houses in the southern section started to be renovated. This process continues to this day with many properties being re-modelled and renovated several times over. There is an active residents' association, the Parkhurst Residents and Business Owners Association (PRABOA), who try to preserve the suburb's village-like atmosphere.
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