Lekker Vegan

Lekker Vegan is a Plan Based, gourmet, junk food franchise which started its first restaurant in the heart of Cape town back in 2017. The founding partner, James Knaap is originally from the Netherlands where he has worked as a chef at a Vegan Junk Food Bar and also ran a successful food truck business in Amsterdam. James has been coming to SA for over 20 years before moving to South Africa to follow his dream of opening a vegan restaurant chain that is accessible to everyone, everywhere. He has always wondered why there wasn't already a vegan burger restaurant and was therefore inspired to create a plant based alternative for South Africa's favourite food, which is ironically meat Lekker Vegan provides alternatives to the popular junk food you already love, from hamburgers to nachos, gatsbys, boeries, and even your favourite desserts such as ice cream. You don't even have to be a vegan to enjoy Lekker Vegan's gourmet junk food. Lekker Vegan also makes it easy to make better choices to your health and the environment.